Cajun-Lime Grilled Corn

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  • Ingredients

    4 fresh ears of Green Giant™ Fresh Corn on the cob
    1 lime
    Cajun seasoning
    Handful of Green Giant™ Fresh Cilantro, chopped

  • Directions

    1.     Preheat grill to medium-high (350 – 450 degrees F)
    2.     Remove husks and silk from Corn
    3.     Grill Corn for about 10 minutes, rotating corn frequently
    4.     Place Corn on a platter and squeeze lime juice on each ear
            (1/4 lime per ear)
    5.     Lightly sprinkle Cajun seasoning on each ear of Corn
    6.     Top with fresh Cilantro
    Alternate Serving Suggestion:
    After removing Corn from grill, carefully remove kernels from the cob into a bowl. Squeeze the juice from 1 lime over the corn, sprinkle with Cajun seasoning and mix together. Top with fresh Cilantro

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